The glow Islands

Hey everyone and welcome to another fun filled day here in the sunshine state of Hawaii. I am sure that you are already thinking that today is going to be an especially long and fun day, well it about to be! . As the eldest daughter of 4 boys I have learned what roughing it is to live withBroome winters. I am sure that you are sick of the talk of bunking down and sharing quarters with Broome neighbors. Well I am here to change your mind.

Today you can find me oversee maintenance for the island and work with my husband peddle. I will be talking about the broome islands and maybe changing your mind about these amazing people.

Let me start by explaining Broome. Broome is an island that is big enough for a small town of about 120 people. Located North West of collapso, near Jordan River. The island has 3 distinct sections. Low lying mid-water, middle water and the offshore. The location of Broome can be used for fishing, diving, sailing, jet skiing, parasailing and boating.

I spent most of my days visiting and getting involved in the various activities that are associated with this amazing place. On a small boat I visited the ins and outs of the island. Did you know that the island has 2 designated places for local people to hold a festival? A place for eating (Food) and a place for the residents to convene (Bunker).

I observed that the people who live in the center of the island are very much alike from the people who live in the rest of the island. I was interested in finding out if I could do a thing or two to help slow the descent of the tides.

Since the low lying area of the mid-water is a place of rich prospectors and fishermen it seems to be the place to visit if you are interested in minerals. I visited this place on a single errand and I gathered a few samples. Then I visited the dock and got a few sand dollars.

I also visited Sam’s Town which is an old lighthouse and Fort Worden which is a military area. All these were nice places to visit but I really wanted to see the rest of Broome. After that I will go to the Rainforest in the hope that I could track the rainforest all the way to the shore.

I visited lots of Rainforest in the outskirts and also in the center of the island. I counted 6 different types of rainforest like forest, bamboo and ayurvedic urban forest. There are lots of old houses in the middle of the forest and they are all huge and well organized. The manufacturers have preserved the beauty of the place by means of facades and windows. Behind each building there are huge tanks to collect water for the trees.

I went to PWD(PreVisited) section and had a look there too. There is a different experience in there, different depending on what you want to see. I prefer to look at the sky. Lots of clouds round the sun and it is very hard to focus on the trees.

To me the rainforest is magical. Will there be more rain? No! Too much rain would spoil the forest. Fortunately it is a magical place, unlike in the mainland, where you can visit the National Parks and it is a paradise for nature lovers. Broome is stuck in a small place and it is surrounded by mountains and the ocean. Fate seems to have smiled on the place.

I was motivated to study the place. After all, rainforests are magical places and they provide home to a lot of interesting creatures. I presented my findings before I left the airport. I was satisfied that I had visited the rainforest in the island and had looked through the windows of the forest house and had seen a lot of beauty.

I had also listened to the wildlifeachers and colleagues talking in the jungles of the island and they had told me of a bird called the black-bellied parrot. Since I had been gracious enough to have a pair of binoculars and a camera with me, I had been able to see the landscape. I was pleased with my decision to stay a while and also with the decision to buy a small night vision monocular.

I had wanted a good solar charger for my cell phone. I was told that they were not yet produced in size due to the cost of the components. Maybe a laptop was a better option. I left the airport with full intention of returning to the United State.

It is Sunday and a beautiful day, too, but I was hungry as I drove back to my hotel. I went directly to the hotel, didn’t wait for a elevator or for anyone. I knocked at the door and entered without asking for any sort of guarantee or acceptance.

No, I wasn’t turned down, but accepted gratefully.